Hiring A Website Developer: 5 Things You Must Consider

  • October 29, 2019

Are you looking forward to expanding your business virtually? Then setting up a website for yourself is the next big task in line. What’s more to it is that a proven fact shows that well-developed websites do better business and attract more user attention than oddly made ones. It looks like you are on the lookout to find a web developer who can help you develop a beautiful, fast and effective website for your online needs.


When hiring a website developer, these are the top 5 things you must take these things into account:


1) First, understand what web design is and get to know about web development


The basics often take people places. A basic idea about the same will help you and your business in the longer run. While web designing covers the graphical and artistic part of your website, it is the web developer who makes a functional site that can be operated over the internet. An understanding of the same helps you deal better with your designer or developer as you’d know what can do what and how it can be done. So learn to differentiate between web design and web development; first, it goes a long way!



2) Know how to go about hiring a web development company and other options


You have two major options when looking for website development. One, hire a web development company that has a team of developers who can easily provide you what you need but at a quite hefty price or become street smart and find for yourself an individual web developer who knows his way around. Both options are viable, and the selection depends on your budget and choice of action.



3) Ask the developer about past work and credentials


You the client might have a particular look in mind for your website, and to make for the best web development experience, this view of yours must match with the developer’s ability to deliver the same. Hence you must have a look at their previous work to understand their command over their work. Is the developer an apt designer capable of delivering your vision? Or does this project require the attention of a dedicated web designer to work in tandem with your web developer to best deliver the final product?


Always be on top of your game, be prepared and be an effective communicator. Developers love organized clients with a systematic approach to a development 😉



4) About the platform used for website development


From WordPress to Wix to Magneto and Shopify, several hosts are used to develop your website, and it is essential to question the developer about how they’ll go about the creation of the website. This is important as choosing the right platform for your website is entirely dependent on your requirements, functionalities, purpose and usability. The developer needs to consider numerous parameters before finalizing the right platform for the site. Thus always be sure to provide the necessary information in full for the developer to make an informed decision.



5) Try and understand the work ethic of your developer before the work begins


Your business will have some goals, objectives, and aspirations. Your website needs to reflect all these ideas. Knowing how a developer prepares to build your site gives you an insight as to how he works and how systematic he is. This is where you can easily spot out an amateur from a professional developer as the latter would first ask you about your business, how you’d like to portray it over the web and how you’d like to go about each development phase. So study your developer and see his workflow and make an informed decision as to whether he’s your man.



Finally, you and your designer must be on the same page regarding expectations. Since you hired a developer, chances are your knowledge of all things web design isn’t equal to theirs, and that’s fine. Just be prepared to accept that you may not grasp the full ins and outs involved in designing a new site.


Before any real work begins, sit down with your web developer and create a mutually-beneficial contract that sets the terms of your relationship. This should include not only the budget and timeline but also expectations of communication.


How would you like to measure progress? Daily? Weekly? Bi-Weekly? Do you wish to meet in person or is a video call more your preference?


Having expectations and clear milestones will help ease any unnecessary stress the project may cause. Plan well, communicate effectively and focus on producing an excellent website.




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