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Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising is a digital marketing method that allows you to quickly receive targeted, geo-specific and measurable website traffic. I will set up, optimise and run PPC campaigns that bring traffic your way.

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click advertising, and it is a highly effective way to market on search engines. The goal of a PPC campaign is to funnel visitors to your site that will hopefully end up in a successful conversion. This can be in the form of a sale, lead, click, sign-up etc. Simply said, there is no other marketing medium which gives you the level of measurability, accountability and flexibility as Pay-Per-Click.

Google Ads

Google Ads, a key player in PPC marketing, helps your ads to stand out in front of search engine users, displaying them at the top and right-hand side of Google’s search engines, and on other relevant websites where your customers and prospects land on. PPC is a great option if you want to reach people who are actively searching for terms related to the niche of your business. Thus if you can stand out as a key player in that niche under a certain keyword, you get the opportunity to tap into that vast audience and leverage them for your business.

A PPC campaign’s budget is determined by the target audience, the level of competition and the value proposition of your product/service. So if you are a business owner, you need to start utilising PPC campaigns to not only simply drive cold traffic, but optimise the process such that the traffic turns to converting customers. What makes PPC attractive to businesses is that when done right, it can explode your ROI. Similarly, if done wrong, it can be an extremely costly and discouraging experience. That is why hiring a PPC consultant from the start will help you master the art of paid search and help avoid unnecessary financial losses and imminent regret. 

I will actively work with you to set up, optimise and run campaigns that bring new and converting customers your way. I offer no jargon, no-nonsense approach in helping you and your business grow and below is my process in how I go about assessing and addressing a clients PPC requirements. 

Phase 1: Assessment

Account Audit

Firstly, I perform extensive analysis on your account, covering all aspects of PPC to better understand your current state of performance. I look into the current state of existing PPC ads running on your site including tracking and conversion pixels, account structure, keyword selection and match types, search query analysis, ad copy analysis, bid management review, ad extension implementation, ad budget usage and much more. I further look into the state of your current website checking on any Google penalties, the impact of negative SEO or competitive attacks that have taken place which can affect future ad performances. By this, you will receive a comprehensive list of action points that will highlight key areas for growth in your digital marketing strategy, enabling you to improve account performance.

Demographic and Keyword Research

Next, I will investigate how people are searching for your product or service. Using the knowledge gained through the audit, I will put together a keyword proposal, with expected search volumes and monthly costing, targeting buyers at different key stages of the buying process. This is a crucial step as poor keyword research is the main culprit for PPC failures, so in this stage, I work closely with you to figure out the best possible keywords that we will use to target traffic to your business. Throughout the remainder of the campaign, I will revisit the keyword proposal and routinely add/detract keywords to keep the campaign on the right track. 

Phase 2: Address


I will assist you in generating ad copy options, based on your business requirement and target demographics, including the usage of relevant keywords from the proposal. Then if required, I will subject them to A/B testing at your request, based on click-through rate and conversions. The outcome will be gradual refining the different ads having a varying copy and CTA’s, allowing us to stop those that underperform and optimise the ones performing better. 

I will implement event, and conversion tracking via Google Tag Manager, and set up Google Analytics for your website, enabling us to benchmark and set KPIs and Google Analytics Goals. These help in providing me with reliable and actionable data sets that can then be used to optimise the PPC campaign. 

Furthermore, I will set ad parameters based on my initial audit: deciding who should see your ad, on what device, in what format, in which location and at what time giving you complete control while ensuring transparency.  

Data Analysis and Insights

Data tracking and analytics are the heart of any successful PPC account. Without the feedback of analytics, you’re running blind. By analysing the reports and breaking down the data we receive from your campaign, we can optimise and tweak your ad sets to perform better and focus more on what ads are performing better. 

Great PPC campaigns are all about constant tweaks and improvement; thus, I constantly monitor your PPC campaigns, seeking ways through which we can further enhance performance and achieve your business goals. It is due to this that I have a portfolio of happy clients and a proven record to back my credibility. I strive to have a thorough understanding of your business, your demographic, your search landscape and your goals and give you the most reliable PPC consultancy to help you succeed. 

Thus, in conclusion, there really is no other marketing platform that delivers such versatile, yet measurable, data-led results as Google’s paid search marketing platform. Whether you’re looking to increase the number of website visits or generate more sales and leads, I’m the man for the job, and I hope this knowledge has helped you demystify the process of how a PPC campaign should be approached. If you want to know more about the service I offer or simply want to say hello, don’t hesitate to message me or schedule a call. I’m looking forward to working with you!

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