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Why is PHP Web Development Beneficial?

By 2019 the world has realised that effective web development is essential for a successful online business. With an increasing number of internet users across the world engaging in the use of websites from business purposes to leisure, the number of websites getting developed is increasing each day, and the need for web developers to adapt, to the ever-evolving field of effective web development, is more crucial than ever. PHP, a server-side scripting language has got a multitude of benefits, which is the leading reason for it being extensively used worldwide for developing high-class websites.

Amongst server-side scripting languages, PHP is amongst the most dynamic web development languages that run on servers. This versatile server-side scripting language is what allows us to enhance the functions and appearance of the websites and run features such as requiring a username to login, to download and upload content, to vote in polls and even use shopping carts in online stores.

The open source nature of PHP allows for rich features and diverse functionality, making it useful on any website. PHP thrives as a web development option because it is secure, reliable and notably faster than its competition. So much such, that in 2018 a study showed that 78.9% of all internet sites reportedly runs some version of PHP, attributing to its level of functionality and all round use worldwide. If you’re still not convinced? You may find it eye-opening that tech giants such as WordPress, Wikipedia, Yahoo and even Facebook run on PHP to this day.

Thus PHP web development is highly in demand, and PHP developers are valuable members you should have in your IT team. Therefore no matter the industry you belong to, PHP web development can serve you and your company well and take your website to the next level.

Now that you are aware of the potential that PHP brings to the table, you might wonder if selecting it will be the right decision going forward. When there are other scripting languages such as Node.js, Java and Python also being available, why do you believe PHP web development is still so popular? Powering nearly 42 million websites and being the industry standard for over 25 years, PHP web development is a powerhouse that is not going anywhere, anytime soon. There are other facets of PHP that attract people to it. Hence, let us take a look at some of the core reasons to use PHP, for your web development needs.


Cost-effectiveness:  To be open source is for something to be free to use and also distribute for everyone’s benefit.  PHP is developed and also updated by a large community of developers from across the world, thus making it cost-free and accessible to all. Thus, PHP web development allows your website will be developed with the minimal cost.

Ease of use: Compared to other server-side scripting languages, PHP is easily readable and understandable. The PHP code is also embedded in HTML, making it a much more familiar for programmers who know their way around it. Also having a background of knowing Perl or C will make PHP even more straightforward due to similar syntax structures. Since the syntax is logical, and its command functions clearly defined, the creation of the code and optimisation are simpler to achieve.

Support flexibility: The versatility of PHP web development is that it can be run on almost any platform. It further supports major databases like SQLite, Oracle, MySQL. Thus it gives PHP programmers an easy time handling different web development projects to cater to client needs due to the vast support flexibility that PHP offers.

Security: PHP web development is also beneficial due to the high-security levels it offers to websites. PHP uses multiple layers of protection, preventing malicious attacks that affect servers and other platforms everywhere. Site owners should feel much more reassured of the safety of its content due to the stringent security layers that PHP adopts.

A supportive community: PHP has a large community of developers that are always on top of bugs and issues and offer reliable support to all users. Due to the numerous benefits that PHP offers, many people use it, ultimately paving the way for a vast community of PHP users. So, whether you are merely starting programming with PHP or you’re a veteran looking for bug fixes, there’s plenty of support around for everybody.

Speed: PHP uses its memory, so the workload of the server and loading time gets reduced automatically, which results in faster processing speeds. So, it ensures a smooth workflow, when it runs on CMS Frameworks, Coding Frameworks, Open Source Projects, Databases and E-commerce Frameworks.

So now you know why PHP is beneficial for web development and why it’s the popular choice among web developers. So you’re all set to making an informed decision the next time you’re hunting for an effective web development solution.

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